Man dies in Corpus Christi from bacterial infection in Gulf

Published: Jul. 25, 2018 at 2:33 PM CDT
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A man is dead after contracting bacteria while fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Officials say a 70-year-old man was fishing on Wednesday morning near A&M Corpus Christi when he contracted what is called, “vibrio bacteria”.

On Tuesday the man was hospitalized with severe leg pain after going into the water with skin tears.

Doctors attempted to fight the infection by amputating his legs; unfortunately, it was too late. The man was pronounced dead 36 hours after his admission into the hospital.

The Corpus Christi Nueces County Public District says vibrio bacteria usually inhabits areas where oysters live.

The bacteria is known to enter the body through an open wound or by eating under cooked shellfish.

The CDC says vibriosis causes approximately 80,000 illnesses and 100 deaths each year in the U.S.