Man finds abandoned baby while getting fried chicken

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GALVESTON, Texas (CNN) - A man in Galveston, Texas finds an abandoned baby as he was on his way to buy some fried chicken.

Stephen Ward called police after he found a car seat in the parking lot all alone.

According to Galveston Police, the mom and dad went to a laundromat on Monday night at around seven.

As the parents were loading up the vehicle, someone swooped in and took off with the family’s car with their four-month-old inside.

Police say the alleged suspect must have realized that there was a child in the back seat and left the baby in a church parking lot.

Ward was on his way to get some Church’s Chicken when he made the shocking discovery.

The good samaritan says something told him to walk down the area where he found the infant.

Ward says he contacted the authorities right away and the baby was reunited with her parents.

The car and the alleged suspect is nowhere to be found, but thankfully the baby is safe.