Martin High School students get a lesson on agriculture

Published: Feb. 1, 2018 at 2:19 PM CST
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Students at Martin High School are putting down their pen and paper to go outside and learn more about the environment.

Martin High School is planting the seed of agriculture basics into the minds of its freshman students.

On Thursday, we met with one group of students who are planting the basic and common crop of corn.

With the proper tools and knowledge, students have already planted the crop and are now waiting to see how it grows.

Agriculture teacher Baltazar Vichareli says the class is teaching students the basic fundamental skills that can be used beyond the class.

Vichareli says, "One of the things I hope they take from here is that this is not something that is impossible and we all don't just go to the store and buy whatever is there. We actually teach these kids that they can grow their own food and be able to kind of give a little bit to the family in that aspect and to show that it's not actually hard at all."

This is the first year that Vichareli is teaching agriculture but the class has been taught before by other teachers.

Vichareli says he looks forward to teaching agriculture to more students and maybe event explore other common crops.

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