Mass held for 125 years of Mercy Hospital

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A special mass took place Tuesday to celebrate the 125 year anniversary of Mercy Hospital.

Members of the community and the Sisters of Mercy marked this anniversary at Laredo Medical Center.

The organization remembers how Mercy Hospital accepted their first patient on the corner of Loring and Rosario Street.

The Laredo Medical Center, which is now on Saunders, has been in different locations throughout the city but it has remained a staple in nursing locals back to health.

“This chapel represents the spirit of Mercy, when the Sisters of Mercy built this hospital they built this beautiful chapel, and it’s inspirational, they've been here 125 years,” said Judith Gutierrez, Sisters of Mercy supporter. “They don't do it alone, but we all walk with them on their journey and it is a wonderful fantastic journey for all of us.”

The sisters of Mercy are thanking the community for all the support and will continue to do their best to continue their mission and help those in need.