Mayor Pete Saenz discusses trade in Mexico

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Mexican customs in Laredo makes our city unique in that no other airport outside of Mexico is approved to pre-clear Mexico-bound cargo.

With a large amount of cargo coming in and out of not only the airport but also the bridges, it makes our city vibrant in the trading sector.

A couple of months ago, some changes were made to the tower at the Laredo International Airport due to increasing air traffic operations.

Back in 2018, 680 million pounds of air cargo landed at the airport.

Now due to the billion dollars’ worth of trade that comes through the Laredo ports, Mayor Pete Saenz will give a presentation in Mexico about the importance of trade in the Gateway City.

The mayor is attending the annual Mexican Confederation of Associations of Customs Agents Conference.

Saenz is set to discuss infrastructure projects designed to improve the capacity and efficiency for the international bridges and the Laredo International Airport.

In 2018, roughly 235-billion dollars in trade came through the port of Laredo was recently named the largest land port in the United States and second overall after the port of Los Angeles.

The mayor says our vibrant city continues to grow and gain world-class status in the international trade sector.

Saenz’s presentation will take place on Thursday in front of 800 customs agents from 38 associations in Mexico.

Mayor Saenz will be in Mexico until Saturday, July 13.

This is the 80th Congress of the Mexican Confederation of Associations of Customs Agents.