Mayor Saenz issues statement on border situation

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The announcement of customs officers being brought in to help out at the Laredo ports of entry is a sigh of relief in the Gateway City.

File photo: Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz

Mayor Pete Saenz issued a statement saying he can personally vouch to the effort of federal leaders on both sides of the aisle in bringing a solution to this problem.

He goes on to say there is still a problem that existed even before the reassignment to deal with the current migrant crisis at the border.

In his statement, he says, “As we continue to grow and invest in border infrastructure we will need far more CBP agents than what we had even before this reassignment began. DHS and our federal government must rethink their solution to the migrant surge on the border because swapping one problem for another does no good for the American people.

Saenz mentioned that Laredo had processed close to 235 billion dollars in trade last year, which is an increase of about nine percent from 2017.