Rio Bravo mayor addresses storm damage

RIO BRAVO (KGNS) - Officials in Rio Bravo continue assessing the damages after Thursday morning's storm.

The majority of damages coming from toppled trees that fell on homes, vehicles, and even cable lines.

Many homes also succumbed to flooding from the fast-falling storm, some with up to five feet of water in their homes.

But the mayor of Rio Bravo says this isn't the first time this area in the small community floods, a situation he blames to poor drainage.

Come this July, he says a grant will address the problem.

"We're going to actually open the streets, put some pipes, and so we can direct the water from instead of coming to the houses, it's going to have a clear way to the river, it's going to avoid all this flooding."

Mayor Aguilar goes on to stay that around 150 homes were badly affected, but he and the Red Cross have already begun the process of having Rio Bravo declared a disaster.

If this designation is approved, families and the city could tap into FEMA funding for assistance.