Mayor addresses alleged City Manager "fix"

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The mayor of Laredo is speaking out on the current search for the next City Manager.

It's been a year since former City Manager Horacio De Leon stepped down. Since then a committee has been working to make a qualified pool of candidates to present to City Council.

The number of qualified candidates was once eleven, then narrowed to five, and now it's down to only four.

That's because a candidate from Arlington pulled out of the race after allegedly hearing reports about a "fix" for current co-interim City Manager Robert Eads to be selected.

With allegation swirling that Eads has conflict of interest with council member Doctor Marte Martinez, Mayor Pete Saenz is speaking out on how things are playing out.

He says if he sees a vote that looks to be unfavorable he will use a power reserved for mayors.

"If it comes to that and I see shenanigans, frankly, I'll veto that this is a watershed moment for the City of Laredo, and I've been waiting five years for it," Mayor Saenz said. "So this is an important decision. We want a City Manager that is totally independent, has no ties to the political machines that we've had for years and years and years and they've been destructive to the city we're growing and progressing, but we need to loosen ourselves from these anchors that create negativity and district. Our people deserve better."

Over the weekend, Saenz took to social media to express the same concern.

The City Manager Search Ad-Hoc Committee will be meeting Saturday, February 15th to interview the four candidates.

After that, council will decide on who will take the reigns.