Medical cannabis helps local teen with epilepsy: Part II

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A local teen who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy is the first Texan to be treated with medical cannabis for his condition.

13-year-old Victor Becerra

Since January, 13-year-old Victor Becerra has been receiving treatment for his Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome by using a medication called Epidialex, a drug that contains cannabis oil.

This type of medication was prescribed by licensed physician Dr. Victor Trevino.

When Becerra’s condition continued to worsen, his mother Maria Veloz grew desperate but found hope when she saw an interview done by Dr. Trevino.

“I had given a previous report to one of the news stations about this medication about six months ago that it was coming out, and information about this little girl that had been treated so she heard about it where she was living, I think in the Dallas area and she came to Laredo because she knew that somebody was interested in it”, said Dr. Trevino.

When Veloz moved to Laredo, she immediately started consulting with Dr. Trevino about the medication.

When Victor first started the treatment, the doctor immediately noticed a chance in Victor’s behavior.

Dr. Trevino says if it wasn’t for the treatment, Victor would have suffered serious brain damage.

So far, Dr. Trevino is the only doctor in Texas that is prescribing this type of medication.

He says many other doctors are scared to venture down this path, so he is proud to be one of the first.

Dr. Trevino says in order to prescribe cannabis medication, experience is a must and he has over 40 years in the medical field.

You also need to be licensed and registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency.