Mexico exceeds 2,000 COVID-19 cases in one day

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 5:56 PM CDT
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With the Juarez Hospital in near capacity, Mexico has reported its largest one-day rise in coronavirus cases.

It was the first time the number of new cases in Mexico has exceeded 2,000 in one day.

Mexico is seeing the worst of the pandemic at this point, dealing with the most amount of patients over a 24 hour period.

This is the COVID ward in one of the hospitals in Mexico City, and many are still susceptible to the virus because they are in need of going to work.

Funeral homes and crematoriums across the Mexican capital, including several belonging to Mexico's two biggest chains, say demand for their services have skyrocketed during the pandemic.

The findings suggest that official statistics in Mexico may be far underestimating the true death toll from COVID-19.

"I think we are prolonging this pandemic in Mexico, because of the different practices in the general population," said Doctor Luis Gorordo. "We have to remember everyone that we are a team what we look here is a reflection of what is happening in the streets. The people that are not staying home, you know."

Mexico's government has acknowledged that the real number of fatalities is higher than the official tally of more than 5,600, though it says it has limited tools to measure accurately how much higher because Mexico has the lowest testing rate among COVID countries.

Based on information from 13 funerals homes in the capital, the excess mortality rate in the first week of May could be at least two and a half times higher than the government's official coronavirus tally during that period.

Figures point to rising coronavirus deaths elsewhere in the country, too.

Doctors in Laredo tell us that because of the dire economic strains in Mexico, they expect that COVID is not just going to disappear, that it is going to come back in wave after wave.

In just over a week, multiple states, including Tamulipas which houses our sister city Nuevo Laredo, are scheduled to open up businesses once again.

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