Mexico tops five thousand deaths

Published: Jun. 12, 2020 at 12:26 PM CDT
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Many Mexican Nationals say they are confused about what to do about the coronavirus.

On one hand, the government has taken steps to lift the lockdown and yet remains in a phase where officials say contains the highest maximum risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus.

The government lifted social distancing requirements and has allowed many businesses to re-open, even though the number of virus cases and deaths remain at record levels.

Latin American and Caribbean countries have recorded more than 1.5 million cases.

Mexico alone reported 5,000 infections on Wednesday.

And as paramedics are left responding to a mounting number of emergency calls, many are struggling to protect themselves as Mexico is seeing a spike of paramedics dying because of the pandemic.

Sirens wail as demonstrators chant the name of Dr. Miguel Angel Perez Alvarado, a doctor who worked in a public ambulance in Mexico City who died last month of COVID-19.

For weeks, the father of three girls treated patients with the virus.

He was worried because he knew his working conditions weren't safe.

One doctor told her he wasn't given the right protective equipment on the job and he's not alone.

His colleagues claim they have to buy their own safety equipment, one paramedic say saying, "They're sending us into a war with nothing. You don't send a firefighter to a fire without protection.”

According to the country’s health ministry, Mexico has surpassed 15,000 deaths linked to the coronavirus.

It's the largest single day increase seen yet again.

The new numbers come nearly a week after it last set its previous daily record of 4,442 cases on June 4.

Health officials also reported an additional 708 deaths.

The new totals stand at 129,184 confirmed cases and 15,357 deaths.

Many businesses re-opened over the last two weeks, but Mexico’s health minister said people should not be confused and named a number of businesses like movie theaters and concert halls that will remain closed.

Officials at the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization have said that Mexico has yet to reach peak infections, recommending that officials boost testing before any wide-scale economic reopening and stick to safety measures, including social distancing.

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