Migrant court hearings going on behind closed doors

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The operations at the migrant tent processing facility are fully underway; however, it’s completely under wraps.

An asylum seeker from Ecuador named Patricia Jarra says everything was good and now she has to wait for her next court hearing which is on October 16th.

Jarra says she is escaping the troubles she faced in her homeland.

She says she has the scars where they burned her many years ago, but the same people made those same threats again.

As the federal government continues easing into the first week of court proceedings, a top member of President Trump’s cabinet is paying the facility a visit.

On Tuesday, Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan visited the tent facility to walk through with media and get an idea of how immigration hearings are progressing.

While our cameras were trying to get into the facility, we ran into some complications.

A member of an organization that helps female refugees says she has been denied multiple times and questions the Remain in Mexico policy.

Policy advisor for the Women’s Refugee Commission, Ursula Ojeda says some of these migrants face serious danger when returning to Mexico and they just want a chance to seek asylum in the United States.

Someone that was let into the facility since the start of the court hearing on Monday is the National Justice Center’s Legal Division Director Lisa Koop.

Koop says there’s a lot of confusion on the part of asylum seekers understanding the process that they are in a lot of them express that they feel very unsafe in Mexico.

This is why migrants like Patricia say they are risking their lives for the American Dream.

Most of these migrants do not have an attorney, so nonprofit organizations have been flocking to the facility to provide free legal representation.