County Commissioners annonce construction of Mirando City Water Tower

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Webb County is building a new water tower in Mirando City.

Commissioners Court applied for a $500,000 grant for renovations of a new water tower project.

A grant will be used to cover the cost of the project.

The $500,000 grant was submitted through Economic Development back in 2015.

The current stand pipe in Mirando City approximately holds about 19,000 gallons.

The new water tank will hold about 60,000 gallons.

Because of the growth that Mirando City had throughout the years, it is not in compliance with Texas Commission of Environmental Quality.

Commissioner Jesse Gonzalez says, “I do want to commend everybody involved in this project. It was back in 2015 when this project initiated and I am very proud to say it is very close to completion. It's exciting at the same time. Water is life and you want to be able to do the best to improve the quality of life in all of Webb County.”

With the help of the water board, Commissioners Court was able to apply for the grant.

The water board was able to help out with any additional costs with administration and construction fees.

The project is set to be complete by November 29th of this year.