Rains a lot this time of year

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - We are starting our week off with hot and sunny conditions but once again we are expecting some chances of precipitation.

On Monday we are going to start off warm with temperatures in the high 70s but with the humidity, it’s going to feel like 80s.

By the afternoon we are looking at highs in the mid-90s which is showing that temperatures are starting to decrease compared to those triple-digit temperatures that we saw all summer long.

Once we head into Tuesday, the temperatures will remain the same; however, we will see a 30 percent chance of rain which will linger around until possibly Friday.

If you recall, last week we had multiple chances of rain, but we only had two days where we got hit pretty hard.

Until then, enjoy the sunny conditions.

Remember we are about 14 days away until the official start of fall.