Mother attacked by group of kids in the park

Sasketchewan, Canada (NBC) - Police are investigating a disturbing video that shows a group of children attacking a woman near playground in western Canada.

The video shows four boys punching and kicking Bonnie Halcrow as she falls to the ground.

Halcrow told CTV News that she feared for her ten-year-old daughter's life, who could only watch the attack take place.

The mother struggled to fight off the attackers while other boys stood there and watched.

Some of the boys can be heard laughing in the background.

Eventually, the boys stop the attack, they slowly move away, and Halcrow manages to get up and walk away.

The man who shared the video with CTV News wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

He says Halcrow had been filming the boys throwing rocks at strangers.
And after she told them to stop, Halcrow was attacked.

The mother says she suffered several bruises and cuts throughout her entire body.

She and the witness turned their videos into the police and an investigation is underway.

Halcrow says she intends on giving on a formal statement to the police but hasn't decided whether to press charges.