Update: Local boy receives generous donation

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A local mother's prayers were answered after a generous donation from an anonymous donor.

Last month we shared with you a social media post about a young boy with cerebral palsy and his missing bike.

After an unsuccessful search, Emilio's mother says they received a new bike from an anonymous donor.

Emilio requires a specially adapted bicycle valued at over $1,200 dollars, with features that allow him to get his daily exercise.

The family received the good news just after the holidays. Both Emilio and his mother are grateful for this much-needed assistance.

Emilio is now able to safely ride his bike around his neighborhood.
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A local mother is continuing her search for her son's stolen adaptive bike.

Karen Alvarez's son Emilio has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and she says the bike helps him exercise outside.

Last weekend, the mother posted on social media that her son's bicycle went missing from their home.

The mother says she has received numerous tips and calls from the community, but so far they have been unsuccessful in their search.

Karen says if she does not find it within another week, she will attempt to purchase a brand new bike.

Recently, someone in Fort Worth heard about the story and decided that he would like to help if they cannot find it.

Until then, the mother will keep on searching for her son's most prized possession.

If you have seen the bicycle you can reach Karen Alvarez at 815-5861 or via Facebook.

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A local family is continuing its search for their son's stolen adaptive bike.

The Alvarez Family has a son with cerebral palsy and the bike is specifically designed to help him move around and build muscle.

On Tuesday, the family received a few tips from the community, as well as kind words from people all around the state offering to help replace the bike.

If you have seen the bike or have any information that could recover the bike, you can call 815-5861.

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A local mother is turning the community to help find her son’s bicycle that went missing over the weekend.

Mother Karen Alvarez says her son Emilio Alvarez has cerebral palsy, and epilepsy.

A few years ago, with help from the community, Karen was able to purchase a special bicycle for her son that was valued at more than $1,200.

Karen says the bike had handlebars and was specifically designed for those who have Cerebral Palsy.

On Sunday morning, the mother realized that someone allegedly took the bike from their home and they have not been able to find it since.

The mother is now asking the community that if they see the bicycle from the photo to contact her immediately.

Karen says she does not care about who took it or why they took it, she just wants her son's bicycle back.

If you have seen the bike since Sunday or have any information that could help in getting the bike back to the Alvarez family, please call 815-5861.