Non-profit seeks to empower individuals about their rights

Published: Jul. 9, 2018 at 10:24 AM CDT
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After a Federal Appeals Court upheld the immigration known as SB-4, a non-profit organization from San Antonio decided to visit Laredo to inform undocumented immigrants about their rights.

Over the weekend, the non-profit Move Texas visited the Gateway City to host an informational session to empower others.

Through the organization and with the help of an immigration attorney, they are teaching various groups about their unalienable rights.

Seven Flores of Move Texas says people believe just because they are undocumented, they do not have any rights but that is not the case.

The session went over ways on how to reply if a federal agent asks for legal documentation or how to act if someone threatens them by calling Border Patrol or immigration.

Move Texas hopes to shut down any myths or misconceptions that may exist in the undocumented community.

Flores hopes that in the near future Move Texas is able to host more sessions for those who might be in need of guidance.

The mission for Move Texas is to empower young individuals by helping them gain a collective political voice across the state.

If you would like more information on Move Texas, you can visit their Facebook page below.