Much Cooler 7 Day Period.

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A weak wind shift line lies just south of Laredo. A few brief showers with lightning have formed near the wind shift line over northwest Zapata county, and are moving slowly northeastward. A much stronger surge of much cooler air from northwest Texas will arrive late tonight, lifting our humid gulf air to form widespread showers and thundershowers. The much cooler air will persist through the 7 day forecast period. A second cold front may bring a few showers early Monday. With clearing skies, nighttime temperatures will be much cooler behind the second cold front with much of the area dropping into the 30's by dawn Wednesday.

I'm expecting cloudy with a chance of scattered showers this evening, then widespread showers and thundershowers in the early morning hours of the night on through Friday. Much cooler with temperatures dropping into the 50's by dawn, and remaining in the 50's all day Friday. Cloudy Saturday and Sunday, highs in the 50's. A chance of a shower early Monday, high in the low to mid 60's. Clearing Tuesday though Thursday, highs in the 50's Tuesday and Wednesday, the 60's Thursday. Temperatures at dawn Wednesday will reach the mid to high 30's.