Much Cooler, Wet

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Laredo A much cooler airmass has moved into south Texas. Above, humid gulf air is flowing in from the east, lifting to form rain clouds. The much cooler wet combination will persist tonight into Friday morning. The lifting motion for rains will edge away to our east Friday afternoon, but humid gulf air will remain aloft with a sold deck of stratus clouds, below which will be our chilly air. Drier air will filter in from the northwest, allowing for clearing skies Saturday, and warmer air Sunday and Monday. An even colder airmass will move in Monday night, and will continue through midweek.

I'm expecting showers, breezy, and much cooler tonight, low in the upper 40's. Rain ending Friday morning, cloudy in the afternoon, high in the low to mid 50's. Partly cloudy Saturday, high in the 60's. Partly cloudy Sunday and Monday, highs min the high 70's Sunday, the low 80's Monday. Turning much colder with showers Monday night, cloudy Tuesday, highs Tuesday in the upper 40's. Mostly cloudy Wednesday, high in the low 50's. Partly cloudy Thursday, high in the 60's.