Fire Department gets two new engines to add to their fleet

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- The Laredo Fire Department purchases two new fires trucks to replace part of the existing fleet.

The department was in need of the units and purchased the trucks with the department's budget.  

One truck is designed to respond to house and warehouse fires, as well as medical emergencies.

The other truck is high tech and will be used for more difficult calls or rescues. This state of the art truck has the equipment to save people trapped in a manhole or stabilization equipment for a collapsed building.

The new fire trucks had a combined cost of about 1.2 million dollars and were built in Wisconsin with input from a select group of Laredo firefighters, meeting the latest National Fire Protection Association standards.

They have been in operation since October 31st, and are in service at Fire Station 8 and Fire Station 11.