National Guard troops making their way to the border

(CNN) - National Guard troops are settling in along the border that separates the U.S. from Mexico.

Texas has already deployed hundreds of troops to its area and more are expected to be added over the next few weeks.

Governor Greg Abbott says, “This operation is necessary in order to deal with what has been an escalation of cross border traffic.”

From the air to the ground, the troops will be another set of eyes for ICE officials.

Abbott says, “The National Guard is playing a complimentary role to aid and support what the Border Patrol is doing.”

New Mexico, Arizona and California have also pledged to send troops to the border.

California Governor Jerry Brown said the 400 members from his state would not build the wall or enforce federal immigration laws.

President Trump still expressed gratitude to Brown for agreeing to participate, calling it a good move for the safety of our country.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says, “I’ve ordered each United States attorney’s office along the southwest border to have a zero tolerance policy toward illegal entry. Our goal is to prosecute every case that is brought to us.”

President George W. Bush and President Obama both sent guardsmen to the southern border during their terms.

Critics say the move was costly and largely ineffective.