New FBI report: Low crime rates across border towns

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A new report by the FBI shows that the number of murder and other violent crimes are rising in the United States.

The report says border towns are safe when compared to cities such as Washington D.C.

The FBI’s 2016 crime report tracks murders, rape, robberies and aggravated assaults.

Overall, violent crime rates rose by four percent across the country, but for border cities, the crime rate stayed the same.

The FBI’s latest findings show the murder rates in Washington D.C. was nearly double the murder rates of Laredo.

It also compares Laredo to other cities across Texas.
It shows Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio’s murder rate is more than twice the murder rate of Laredo.

As for robberies, it says Laredo’s rate is lower than Houston and Dallas.
Congressman Cuellar says the study shows just how safe the border is.
Cuellar says he hopes these numbers help people rethink what they have heard about Laredo.

The congressman adds misinformation gives Laredo a bad reputation and hurts the economy, which makes it hard to attract skilled workers.
To view the full report, click the link below.