New mobile medical unit to provide services to colonia residents

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A team of students at Texas A&M in College Station came up with a way to get medical services to people in need around the world.

It's a 40 foot container full of possibilities, especially for people living in las colonias.

With miles and miles separating people to the nearest clinic or hospital, Texas A&M Colonias Program Executive Director Jose Luis Gutierrez knows that traveling can be a hassle.

The new mobile facility will soon provide services to people living in the outskirts of town, all thanks to one Texas University.

The medical container is a donation from the Texas A&M University from an organization called” The build”.

U.S. Army Members currently helping the colonias program says this will be a great help.

Major Jeffrey Nantze with the 486th Civil Affairs Battalion says this is a lot like the sort of type of work they do in a third world country. They bring small clinics for those in need.

Shipped around 14 different countries, this one is very unique providing services not readily available to people living outside the city limits.

Officials will be offering blood pressure checks, fingerstick testing, body mass and medical exams.

The medical container can be divided into three exam rooms depending on the patients coming in.

The county also purchased a flatbed trailer to move the facility to areas around the county.

Named after U.S Army veteran and A&M alumni William Pena, who served bravely our country the container aims to serve thousands in the community.

A representative for Las Colonias Program says they plan to have the medical container out by September or October.