New sports complex project passed for south Laredo

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - South Laredo is quickly growing and more development is coming in the future, specifically, a sports complex.

Parks and Recreation advisory committee passed a project for a new sports complex that will be located in south Laredo.

According to the Acting Director of Parks and Leisure, there is 180 acres of land set aside for the project. In the contract, the city has the ability to purchase an additional fifty acres if needed.

Phase one of the project includes fifteen baseball and softball fields being built, and an additional four to five soccer fields.

"We are excited about it because it's time overdue that we have something here in Laredo, being that we are such a big city, we are sports oriented,” said J.J. Gomez, Acting Director of Parks and Leisure. “We have a lot of people that play soccer, baseball and softball, beach volleyball. We want to have something for them."

The complex will cost 10 million dollars to build, which is already appropriated in the sports venue tax.

Construction could begin as early as April or May of next year, and it will take a year to build.

The project will go up for approval at a City Council meeting in a couple of weeks, then it will go up for bid for the contract of the design and construction.