Students with perfect attendance meet famous Tejano band

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Tejano group Siggno made a stop to greet exemplary students at Nixon High School on Friday morning.

Principal Cassandra Mendoza wanted to make sure her students never missed a day of school, which is why she decided to offer a little incentive.

Mendoza held a competition where the students with perfect attendance would get a chance to meet Siggno.

Students who won the competition got a chance to talk to the talented musicians and even share lunch with them.

Nixon’s principal says she hopes there will be even more students with perfect attendance next year.

Nixon High School student Brissa Guerra says, “I’m pretty excited. I've watched them at the Jalapeno Fest and like every time that they come I try to go. So it's really exciting to meet them.”

Siggno frontman Jesse Turner says he and the band will be back next year to perform a concert if the students don’t miss a school day.