Nonprofit organization getting Texans to the polls

Published: Jan. 28, 2020 at 1:57 PM CST
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Early voting for the Democratic and Republican primary is less than a month away but a group of youngsters are making sure as many people as possible are registering to vote.

Early voting for the 2020 primary election begins on February 18th; however, the last day to register to vote is February third.

A local organization is doing everything they can to move more people to the polls one registration at a time.

Move Texas is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that wants to make sure voting is accessible especially to young people in underrepresented communities.

Although they want to encourage young people to go out and vote, they do register voters of all ages for the upcoming election.

While this year is a presidential election, Laredo field organizer Victoria Sandoval says it's just as important if not more important to vote in your local elections.

Sandoval says the organization wants to make civic life a habit and that the community has a neutral party that will call voters come election time, get people to the polls, and let them know where their voting prescient are located.

Election Day for the 2020 primary is March third and Move Texas will continue to register as many people as possible before the deadline on Monday.

Across the state, Move Texas has registered over 30,000 voters in 2019.

Out of that number over 3,600 were here in Webb County.