Nonprofit organizations reimbursed for assisting migrants

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Big help is coming for nonprofit organizations and local communities that were in the forefront of this year’s migrant surge.

Bethany House Holding Institute and Catholic Charities are just a few on the list that will be given reimbursements for helping migrants with shelter, transportation, and food.

This year, Catholic Charities has helped more than twelve thousand family units that have stopped by the center.

Laredo Representative Henry Cuellar and Texas Senators like John Cornyn were just a few of the law makers working to get local nonprofits and entities reimbursements.

According to the list, Catholic Charities was reimbursed more than $180,000.

“Not all the expenses were approved, some of the biggest expenses were administrative costs and all the basic necessities that we provided, and with those we were able to obtain reimbursements,” said Benjamin de la Garza.

Catholic Charities is made up of five full time staff members and volunteers.

De la Garza says they are still receiving family units at the center.