Not Quite as Hot, Still >100F

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Laredo A hot dry airmass lies above a shallow layer of humid gulf air. Each day, the mixing of the lower atmosphere with the heating of the day occurs over a deep enough depth to tap into the dry air above, and lower afternoon humidity. The hot airmass occupies a deep depth of the atmosphere, around which, weather traffic is flowing. The dry airmass may shift a little to the west by Sunday. If this happens, we could see chances of showers with more moist air arriving from the gulf. It is rather uncertain at this time that this will actually happen, and I cannot yet assign high probabilities to the rain chances Sunday into early next week.

I'm expecting humid tonight, low in the upper 70's. Mostly sunny Wednesday through Saturday, highs 101 to 103. Partly cloudy Sunday through Tuesday with a slight chance of showers, highs a little above 100.