Officer accused of mishandling money that belonged to homicide victim

ATLANTA, GA (NBC) - An Atlanta, Georgia police officer has been fired for allegedly mishandling money that belonged to a homicide victim.

Investigators say footage from Officer Keisha Richburg’s body-worn camera shows irregularities in the handling of cash that bystanders found on the shooting victim's body on June 19.

In the video, you can see an EMT at the scene tucking the money inside of the victim's wallet before handing it off to Officer Richburg.

She then gets into her patrol car with the victim’s wallet and cell phone in hand. When the body camera video shows the wallet again, the money is gone.

Richburg can eventually be seen passing the items off to a homicide sergeant at a nearby hospital.

In a written statement, the Atlanta Police Department said it's not sure what happened to the cash, but that Officer Richburg “violated the department's recovered property, truthfulness and appropriate action required rules. As a result, she was terminated."

Officials say the case will soon be forwarded to the Fulton County District Attorney's office for review.