Daily City COVID-19 update: two newly confirmed cases

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - There two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 according to the Laredo Health Department, bringing the total to 6.

According to the City of Laredo Health Department, the fifth patient has moderate symptoms.

That person did not travel, as is believed to be a community transmitted case.

It's reported that the sixth patient contracted the virus from close contact to another patient.

As of now, 81 people have been tested, out of those 26 are negative.

The good news according to the City of Laredo Health Department, is that several of the negative cases are people within the "at risk" population. Those being elderly and children with underlying health conditions.

The doctor mentioned that more labs are being added and more personal protective equipment is being produced after the declaration from both the president and Texas governor.

During the meeting the City Manager mentioned that they're still seeing people gathering in groups larger than 10 people, both in public and in private.

He asks that people assume that they're a positive case and not go out, and to take this message seriously and stay home.

This week law enforcement will be more aggressive with the restrictions.

Laredo Police Chief Claudio Trevino says they've already visited around 600 business to alert them of the rules. So far they've only made one citation.