Oregon woman finds parasitic worm in her eye

(NBC) - An Oregon woman is recovering from a first-of-its kind infection.

Abby Beckley is the first human known to have been infected with Thelazia gulosa, a tiny parasitic eye worm usually found in cattle.

She found the first worm in her eye in August of 2016, while she was on a fishing trip in Alaska. Doctors there pulled out 13 more, and weren't sure what to do.

Abby tried carrying out her own research, but came up empty. Eventually, her boyfriend called Oregon Health and Science University's infectious disease hotline.

That led her to Dr. Erin Bonura, who made the diagnosis.

"I think what we wanted to do was really add to the literature because it's so rare and unique, we wanted to make sure that if this did happen again there was precedence for it and that we could learn from it," Dr. Bonura says.