Pay raises proposed for Webb County officials

Published: Sep. 10, 2019 at 10:14 AM CDT
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Webb County Commissioners are discussing what will and what will not be included in their annual budget; however, what is being included is causing quite a stir, a rather significant raise for all elected county officials.

County Commissioner John Galo says the county has done the wage study and they are looking to make some adjustments to salaries.

Those adjustments are coming for all 28 elected officials in the county.

Included in that raise is the Commissioners Court, County Court at law judges, JP's, Constables, sheriff county attorney, county clerk, district clerk, and tax assessor-collector.

If you voted for them, chances are they are getting a raise.

Officials say it all has to do with an independent wage study that was commissioned by commissioners to see how Webb County salaries fared to other counties to identify positions that were not being paid competitively.

The total cost of the raises for the 28 elected officials comes out to $150,022.23.

All of that coming out of this year's budget, which is already included in the proposed budget.

The biggest raises are for the commissioners themselves who will have the final vote on the budget.

$20,489 for the Webb County Judge and $17,605 for all four county commissioners.

All other elected officials will be receiving raises between $165 and $2,100.

Just to give you an idea of just how much these raises are, the per capita income according to the Census Bureau for one person in Laredo is $16,642 that’s almost $5,000 less than the largest proposed increase.

The increases are already included in the proposed budget which means it would require an actual vote by the commissioners to have them taken out.

If they are not taken out and if the budget is adopted, all the increases will automatically go into effect October first.

The public still has the chance to voice their opinion on the raises or any part of the budget as a hearing will take place on September 16th before the final approval on September 23rd.

Also during Monday's meeting, commissioners determined there would not be an increase to the tax rate and that the county would be getting more funding from its oil and gas tax.

Commissioner John Galo says the county hasn't seen a tax rate increase in several years, saying it's not something that's established across the board.