Pelosi discusses border security at Juarez-Lincoln Bridge

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spent the day in Laredo which included a tour of International Bridge Two with Congressman Henry Cuellar and Mayor Pete Saenz.

Nancy Pelosi speaks at bridge 2 with Congressman Cuellar and Mayor Saenz

Pelosi is in town for the annual Abrazo Ceremony, but she got a chance to spend time with local officials.

The House Speaker made the rounds across Laredo speaking at engagements throughout the day before her trip to the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge.

While she was at the bridge, Pelosi spoke with CBP officials and bridge directors.

After her tour, Pelosi said that anyone who believes that there is a crisis on the border needs to come have a look themselves.

The Abrazo Ceremony will take place on Saturday morning on the International Bridge Two which takes place right before the parade.

Pelosi joins a growing list of politicians who have visited the southern border this year.