Police report reveals new details on north Laredo shootout

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - In a newly released criminal complaint document, the Laredo Police Department describes the chilling moments when an alleged shooter shot three people including a police officer in north Laredo.

Cesar Rene Terrazas

According to the document Cesar Rene Terrazas admitted to having issues with his ex-girlfriend, a woman who he had dated for two and a half years; however, the relationship ended six months ago.

The document outlines Terrazas' arrival to his ex-girlfriend's house on Tuesday, November 26th, close to 4 a.m. after she, who is given the pseudo name 'Martha', ignored his calls and texts.

When his knocks on Martha's window were ignored, he noticed a police unit approaching, it is then when Terrazas grabbed his AR-15 rifle from his car and fired two rounds into the air. After the officer got out of the police car and took cover behind it, Terrazas continued firing his rifle. That's when a second police car arrived, and Terrazas opened fire on that officer as well.

The alleged gunman then returned his attention to Martha's home entering her house through her bedroom window.

Terrazas searched several rooms, but was unable to find Martha, until he reached her brother's locked bedroom.

According to the document, Terrazas fired several shots at the door and was able to get in, some of that gunfire hitting Martha’s mother in the leg.
But Terrazas was not expecting her mother and brother to fight back as the three of them charged at him, and managed to take the rifle away from him.

The struggle continued as Terrazas attempted to strangle Martha, but she was able to fight him off with the help of her mother and brother.
The document states, that's when Martha was able to run out and get Terrazas arrested.

According to the criminal complaint, 'Martha' points out the reasons why she broke up with him was due to his anger issues, jealousy and possessive behavior.