Policy to send asylum seekers to Guatemala paused

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 4:02 PM CST
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A new policy by the Trump Administration that sparked outrage among immigration advocates and lawyers has been put on pause.

We're following up on a story we brought to you last week that Mexican nationals, including families who come to the U.S. southern border to seek asylum, were being deported to Guatemala.

The program was signed in July of 2019 and went into effect back in November, the idea was to have certain asylum seekers get their protections in Guatemala instead of the U.S.

A local immigration attorney said at the time the asylum seekers had no idea about the plans to take them to Guatemala, and one Washington official agrees that the policy should be put on hold.

"If you don't work with the Mexicans or the people from Guatemala, you are going to have some issues, and therefore the Mexicans and the Guatemalan officials criticize the administration and call this particular issue its legitimacy and legality,” said Representative Henry Cuellar.

Cuellar adds the Trump Administration does need to do a better job to work with our neighbors to the south.

Now according to earlier reports, over 40 asylum seekers from El Salvador and Honduras were already deported to Guatemala.

No word yet on what Trump Administration officials will do in place of the program.

The policy did cause controversy as immigration advocates and lawyers felt Guatemala was not a safe alternative to seek asylum.

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