Preparing for TX Texting While Driving Ban

A rise in car accidents involving distracted driving among teens has motivated legislators to pass a statewide ban on texting and driving. It's also what's motivating the creation of new technology that will try to eliminate this distraction.

Keeping your eyes on the road and off your phone is something anyone can be guilty of. According to the American Automobile Association, teen drivers are four times more likely than adults to get into an accident due to texting and driving.

Damaris Jimenez, a parent, says, "Most of the accidents you see around town are usually people distracted by their phones we're all guilty of doing it."

But technology is slowly eliminating this threat to safety with many new products like Surete

"Surete is a patent-pending app and device combo that helps to eliminate distracted driving like texting emailing or using social media," says Mitch Fonseca, Co-Founder of Surete. He explains, "the device goes connected to the vehicle's starter and the application gets loaded on the phone. Once you approach the vehicle, your application syncs with the device and it enables the vehicle to start. Once the application syncs with the vehicle when you start the car, the app actually locks the screen so the user can't text email or use social media while they're driving."

Eliminating distracted driving isn't the only feature. It also allows parents to see where their child is going and even check how fast they're driving. Fonseca adds, "Most parents really enjoy it because it can help protect their children and it can help keep their children safe."

This is something local parents can agree with. Jimenez says, "It'll keep them more focused and keep them safer, making sure to always be diligent of whatever is going on around them."
Debra Lugo, also a parent, adds, "Teens, nowadays, all they know is just their cellphones, and they don't pay attention to anything. If their phone rings, either Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, anything, they automatically want to be checking, and it's very dangerous. Maybe this was it will help prevent a lot of accidents, and a lot of mishap in general so that we can all be safer."

The Surete app can be found on Android and Apple products. For more information, you can check out their website at

The company is also advertising their product to fleet companies to help them keep their drivers safe and reduce liability for the business.