Proposed idea for roundabout construction

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The City of Laredo is wrapping their heads around a possible solution to a high traffic area prone to accidents.

The intersection of Bartlett and Bustamante Street is an area filled with traffic and surrounded by medical related buildings, so ambulances passing by every so often is a normal occurrence.

District Five Councilwoman Nelly Vielma wants to create a traffic flow that's not only convenient for drivers, but medical professional and ambulances that pass through the intersection every day.

"A roundabout would decrease crashes so that's basically what we want. If we take away the lights, everybody will be able to move around, as you see in bigger cities."

But not everyone was taking to the idea well.

This proposal was something that Laredo Fire Department Chief Steve Landin says might not solve what the roundabout is hoping to accomplish.

"For us going through an intersection with our lights and sirens, I think that would create an obstruction and we would literally have to go around to get in and go straight to the hospital,” said Landin.

We reached out to the viewers on Facebook to hear your thoughts on the proposal were.

Here's what a few comments had to say:

"It's a good idea...Just teach some Laredoans how to use it. The roundabout in Dan Isidro is totally not used the way it should be."

"Very (few) folks here know how to properly navigate through a roundabout. Look at San Isidro (at) International as well as the other two further west on International."

"If it's to help in emergencies go for it."

For now, the City Traffic Safety Department will start looking further into a roundabout in this intersection, as well as other intersections in town.

If the project's expense is too much to be covered with district priority funds, then they might have to make it a capital improvement project for the next budget cycle.

We created a poll on our Facebook page to gauge whether residents are in favor or against the idea.

So far, 134 said yes and almost three times the amount of people, 435, said no. Thank you for voting.