Protesters and supporters gather ahead of Trump's visit

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - It's no surprise that President Trump is a polarizing figure in modern American politics and wherever he goes crowds are sure to follow.

Thousands of people in South Texas gathered in McAllen as the President made his arrival.

Supporters and protesters from both sides of the aisles lined up the streets near McAllen International Airport.

Some people were in attendance to express their disagreement over what they feel is a symbol of division; others cheered him on for his press towards the border wall.

One person there took up an issue with some of the claims being made about his community saying why he sides with the president.

Jason Solis with Latinos for Trump says he stands by the president's views on border security.

People upset over the partial government shutdown over the debate stemming from the funding for that wall.

Overall many of the people in attendance say they just want things resolved.