Puppy dies in hot van while in the care of animal shelter

PASADENA, TX (CNN) - A puppy is dead after being left in a hot car just a few weeks after getting adopted from a Texas animal shelter.

Eduardo Vasquez was excited to take five-month-old Buddy home after picking him up from the Pasadena Animal shelter.

Vasquez was planning future outings and hoping to create long-lasting memories with his pretty new pet; however, Buddy’s life was tragically cut short due to a tragic unforeseen incident.

Vasquez says Buddy was in the care of the shelter last week and was supposed to be transported to a local vet to get neutered.

The shelter contacted Vasquez saying Buddy was left in a hot van and was being left overnight for treatment; unfortunately, the puppy died the next morning.

The news spread fast and caught the attention of the mayor of Pasadena who posted on the city’s Facebook page saying, “Our shelter and staff is understandably devastated as well and we ask for your patience while a thorough investigation is being conducted, I’m assigning this to the Pasadena Police Department's Public Integrity Unit.”

Vasquez says the shelter’s director reached out to him after the incident but he still has questions like how long Buddy was left alone in the vehicle.

He also wants to make sure nothing like this ever happens to anyone else.