Three City Council seats are still up for grabs

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- The local 2018 elections included four City Council seats up for grabs.

Elections results had one incumbent claim victory but the rest are now facing a runoff.

Districts two, three and six have only two candidates vying for a seat at City Council. It'll be tough to match the midterm voter turnout but all candidates say they're ready to continue the fight.

Going head to head in District 2 are incumbent Councilman Vidal Rodriguez and Candidate Jose Perez III. Rodriguez got 47-percent of the vote, and Perez received 34-percent, which leaves 18-percent of the votes up for grabs.

In District 3 candidates Christina "Crissy" Perez and Mercurio "Merc" Martinez III are looking to replace Councilman Alex Perez. Perez and Martinez each got 31-percent of the voting, so it'll be interesting to see how the remaining 37-percent of the electorate goes.

The race that was sure to reach a runoff was District 6 with 11 candidates.

Candidate Marte Martinez held close to 19-percent of the vote and Candidate Vish Viswanath got 23-percent of the vote.

58-percent of District 6 voters voted for other candidates.

All candidates ask that voters once again make it to the polls to cast their ballots on December 15th.