Records show Rebecka's mother had previous run-ins with the law

Published: Feb. 19, 2019 at 4:59 AM CST
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A very gruesome story about two parents who were arrested in connection to the death of their three-year-old daughter has shocked the entire community.

Jorge Dominguez who is Monica Dominguez’s nephew says he is completely in shock and never imagined how far his aunt would go.

Records show, Monica Dominguez, the mother of three-year-old Rebecka Zavala had several run-ins with the law.

Dominguez reportedly confessed to the police that her daughter had drowned inside the bathtub while she was unsupervised and then attempted to dispose of the body with the help of her father Gerardo Zavala Loredo.

Records show, Dominguez had already been arrested 17 times with 28 different charges.

Five of them were involving injury to a child, the last one taking place back in February of last year where she spent nine days in jail and was released on February 15, which is exactly one year before last week’s discovery.

Jorge Dominguez says, she would get mad and take it out on the kids but he never thought she would get to that point.

Dominguez says he misses Rebecka Zavala and is having a difficult time grieving.

A local judge set a bond for both Monica Dominguez at $175,000 and Gerardo Zavala Loredo at $125,000; however, they have not been released from jail.

CPS released a statement saying the agency is currently conducting a joint investigation with law enforcement.

They also mentioned that they have temporary custody of Rebecka’s siblings.

A 12-year-old brother, a five-year-old sister, a four-year-old brother and a one-year-old sister.

The kids are currently in foster care. CPS also stated that the family has prior involvement with the agency but they cannot release the details of those cases.