Registered nurse shares glimpse into pandemic

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Health care workers are at the front lines fighting the COVID-19 virus across the globe and across the state, and of course here in Laredo.

KGNS spoke with medical staff working in the trenches of the emergency room, who see the pandemic face to face.

They give us a glimpse into what a day looks like, fighting this "hidden enemy."

"I love what I do, and yes I am scared, to get sick and potentially take home something to my family, but I got into this for a reason, and we're all gonna be here. I know all health care providers can, or got into it for one specific reason and that's to take care of other people."

Luis Beattie is a registered nurse of more than ten years experience, having spent time in the hospital, intensive care, and the E.R.

The emergency room he says being the most stressful in his experience, also adding that no medical precedence in the past has measured up to what COVID-19 has done to Laredo's medical scene.

"There's been nothing like it, the swine flu a few years ago, the H1N1, ebola, the zika virus. But I don't think anything's really hit Laredo in general, the way the coronavirus is."

According to Beattie, he chose this job for a reason. He loves his job.

But like all health care providers, this job puts him at potential harm's way, so it's always on the back of his mind to make sure that work gets his full attention while he's there, but also making sure work stays at work, in every way.

"And so that's what I always have in the back of my mind, every patient I see, even before COVID, there's a lot of bacteria that can be potentially life threatening that you can take home."

He goes on to say that a person cannot be tested just for piece of mind. They must exhibit symptoms that are aligned with the CDCs guidelines.

A physician will be looking for shortness of breath, fever, and cough.