Residents comment on County's raise proposal

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A raise proposal for Webb County elected officials is something that's not sitting very well with the community.

On Monday KGNS News reported that Webb County Commissioners were one step closer to finalizing their annual budget.

However, included in the budget is a number of salary increases for various employees including elected officials.

Everyone from the county judge to the county clerk is included in this list.
Raises totaling just around $150,000.

Many people took to social media to talk about this proposal.

Rudy says, "They don't deserve pay raises, they are overpaid anyway they should be happy that they have a job."

Joe says "How can they get a pay raise when most of them (elected officials) have a full time job aside from their position with the county? Are they really there to serve the constituents?"

Raul says “They always get the big piece of the pie. And the rest get crumbs” and lastly Sammy says "Instead of getting a pay raise use all that money and fix the street."

The public still has until September 16th to voice their opinions at a hearing taking place that day.

Final approval will be September 23rd.