Residents express concerns regarding changes to zoning

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Meetings attended by parents and residents who live near a school continue as they stress their opposition to the building of warehouses on land adjacent to the school.

A group that gathers at Muller Elementary is now trying to get more people and organizations involved.

During Thursday’s meeting, the Rio Grande International Study Center was invited to give information about diesel fuel and fumes.

Those who oppose the future plans of warehouses around the school say trailers at the very entrance of their gated community will be a very unpleasant sight-- but more importantly, they add students could be exposed to other risks.

Earlier this week, we brought you the story about a chemical spill less than a mile away from Muller Elementary.

The spill was determined to be a mixture of peroxide and water, which came from a punctured container.

La Bota Ranch resident Guillermo Castro Jr. says accidents happen and if you do the study, this is not the first chemical spill that has happened.
Castro adds that private companies hire different companies they need to clean the spills.

The complaints have reached city hall, where both sides have made their case on why warehouses should or shouldn’t be developed in the area.

In the past, investors have also commented that the school district should have considered the surrounding industry before agreeing to build a school in that location.