Residents receive mysterious water testing kits

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 11:01 PM CST
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The quality of our water is once again on the minds of residents and this time it's because small water testing kits have been popping up at several people's homes.

Residents assume they're coming from the City of Laredo, however things are not always as they seem.

"Last night when I came in I saw it on the door knob and I said, wow this is great, the Water Department is doing something," said Agustin Alvarado, a resident who received this kit.

A lot of residents on Colorado Street including Agustin found these small packages that include a test tube and questionnaire titled "community water test" on their door knobs or mail boxes.

They don't know how or when but the assumption is they came from the City of Laredo Utilities Department.

"Unfortunately this morning in looking at it and reading it real well, it says not affiliated with the City or the county, so I wonder what's going on."

Alvardo's concern is also a concern for the Utilities Department Engineering Director Arturo Garcia who has no idea where they're coming from, but believe it's likely a sales gimmick.

"They're trying to sell a product because of the people's fears, because of the boil water notice that occurred, so people are eerie, they're concerned."

If you do decide to fill up a test tube, the Utilities Department encourages you to ask the individuals testing them for documentation of the results and to get a certificate saying the lab is certified.

"If they're just going to take a vile and a sample of water, we don't know if they put a reagent in there to make it look like something is going on."

Garcia says if this was done by the state or environmental protection agency, they would have been notified.

Since the boil water notice they says there are no issues with the water.

If you do have concerns, they encourage you to reach out to their department.

We are asking the organization or business issuing out these "community water testing kits" to reach out to our station.

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