Rio Bravo early voting includes possible recall of mayor

WEBB COUNTY (KGNS) - The residents of Rio Bravo are currently voting for, or against, the recall of their current mayor, Daisy Lee Valdez.

Back in July KGNS first reported how residents in Rio Bravo were not happy with Valdez.

During the summer, residents launched the petition to recall her from office.

Residents have been accusing Valdez of taking $5,000 from the city's account to purchase gift cards.

KGNS spoke to the former mayor of Rio Bravo on the issue, and he says he is not supporting the petition.

"People are never happy. If you do well, then they ask you why you are doing well. If you do badly then they ask you why. This county and city are heavily influenced by politics," said Manuel Vela, the former mayor of Rio Bravo.

When KGNS asked to speak with Daisy Valdez, she declined an interview.

As of this morning, only two people came out to vote in Rio Bravo.

Early voting will continue until November 1st and Election Day is November 5th.