Rio Bravo council discusses mayor recall process

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - It looks like a town in Webb County will have a new leader yet again after Election Day results are announced.

The city of Rio Bravo has seen not one, but three new mayors in the last ten years.

Yesterday, more than 200 out of the 400 people who went out to cast their vote decided to vote for the removal of Daisy Valdez from office.

City administrators say Valdez is emotional because of the loss, however, the process for officially removing her could take a while.

The City says council has to meet no later than 11 days after Election Day and reach out to the State about when they can host a special election.

“No she hasn't been removed yet, she has not lost her position until we canvass the votes,” said Jose Valdez of Rio Bravo. “The election is not final, or shall we say, legal until it is confirmed. Not only here, but in the whole state of Texas.”

According to the city charter, the vacancy must be filled within 120 days after the votes are canvassed.

However, Valdez says with this new recall, administrators like himself are going to revise the current charter and discuss possible changes.

Despite the recall, he says city business will continue as usual.