Road rage incident triggers local school lockdown

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - An incident on a commute home that began as road rage, instead triggered a school lockdown and led to two arrests.

"These are road rage incidents, they carry all kinds of levels of reactions. It's a lack of common sense. For whatever dare-like idea that they got, they thought it would be cute to intimidate this person," said Joe Baeza, Laredo Police Department spokesperson.

Baeza said a road rage incident was behind the police response and a lockdown at Martin High School.

"The incident occurred near the Burlington Coat area. The victim, a woman, was driving southbound on San Bernardo when she almost became involved in a motor vehicle accident with another SUV."

The two suspects in the SUV were not happy about the encounter.

"They decided to take things into their own hands and started to taunt and follow the victim, according to the report."

Desperate and scared, she continued south on San Bernardo for several blocks. However, the suspects continued their pursuit- all while wearing Michael Myers masks.

"The victim in this particular case wound up driving into Martin High School, the school was placed on lockdown. As per procedure in these types of instances or response, LISD Police Department intervened and was able to detain the individuals that were following her.”

Those arrested were identified as 18-year-old Luis Fernando Hernandez and 19-year-old Juan Manuel Valdez.

The Police Department and Laredo Independent School District add that thankfully, at no moment were the students under any real danger.

"They were able to find the masks inside the vehicle, they did not find any weapons inside the car."

Both men behind the road rage incident are now facing harassment charges.

The ordeal happened very quickly. The lockdown itself was active for under 30 minutes.