Rock art project seeks to spread messages of positivity in the community

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 11:40 AM CDT
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A local educator started an artistic movement to encourage families to feel comfortable whether they are at home or slithering around the park.

They have a Facebook page called Once Upon a Rock, with rocks ending in two K's, and they want families to return to the North Central Park area to enjoy the scenery.

Aurora Mitchell, an employee at Matias de Llano Elementary, decided to utilize her time outside of the classroom to help build a snake made out of rocks that provides a positive message for people looking for some relief from the COVID-19 pandemic.

She saw a similar project online where people were scattering positives messages painted on rocks around a park to inspire people during these difficult times.

Mitchell decided to shed any negative feelings about the COVID-19 so she could focus on the good news.

She posted a Facebook page to see if others were interested in creating a snake made of rocks and saw over a dozen responses on the first day.

Aurora Mitchell understands that being stuck at home for long periods of time can be frustrating, so she is inviting families to bring their kids so they can get involved instead of watching TV all day.

Amanda Mitchell says, “I have been doing a lot things that I hadn't done before because the quarantine and now I have the time. We should just make the most of it. Spend time with your kids.”

Clearly there is nothing cold-blooded about the Mitchell Family. Amanda is so excited to see that the project is getting a favorable response.

There is plenty of time to add another scale to the elongated project. You can reach Mitchell on "The Once Upon a Rock Facebook page " if you want to slither in on the fun.

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