Roughly 52 miles of border wall to be built in Laredo

Published: Sep. 4, 2019 at 3:09 PM CDT
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President Trump is moving forward with one of his campaign promises to build a border wall and we already know how many miles will be added in the Gateway City.

Congressman Cuellar announced that the Pentagon would delay or suspend 127 military construction projects so that 3.6 billion dollars can be diverted for Trump's Border wall.

Defense secretary Mark Esper just signed off on the diversion of funds and identified 11 projects that the funding will go towards one of them being Laredo.

Laredo is one of the largest projects estimated to cost 1.3 billion dollars for 52 miles of new pedestrian fencing.

The construction will begin from the Columbia Solidarity port of entry and will head North West for approximately 52 miles along the Rio Grande.

Congressman Cuellar, who is a member of the defense appropriations subcommittee is slamming the president's decision to build a border wall.

The congressman says they want to see a visual of a 30-foot ballad fence, tents, barbed wire, and the National Guard along the border.

Cuellar adds the president's decision violates article one of the constitution, which establishes Congress as the appropriator for federal funding.

Now Cuellar says he supports strong border security; however, he says he would like to the see the money go toward Border Patrol hiring and retention k-9s as well as new technology for Border Patrol and our bridges.

Construction on the wall will be determined in the future.